Author Spotlight

Catherine Ponder

Catherine PonderATHERINE PONDER is regarded as having been among the most prominent women prosperity-success writers/lecturers in the last half of the twentieth century. Author of the long-term bestseller The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, she has received many awards and recognitions, and is listed in Who’s Who in the World. She describes her memoir, A Prosperity Love Story as her own personal and professional adventure of “rags to enrichment” – one that now continues into the 21st century.
“THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PROSPERITY, an inspirational staple in my literary diet.”


In her NEW book, The Heart of Prosperity, Catherine offers a collection of over 100 powerful quotes and affirmations presented in a random format that allows everyone the opportunity to plant a new seed and receive the spark it takes to make bold changes. It’s as simple as opening a book:

  • Identify and focus on a new direction.
  • Close your eyes and open to any page.
  • Open your heart and read the passage slowly.
  • Begin a new journey to prosperity.

“With OVER 1 MILLIONtotal books in print, The Heart of Prosperity is Catherine Ponder’s first pocket book of prosperity gems that readers can use anytime . . . anywhere.”

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