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The Love Response

Your Prescription to Turn Off Fear, Anger, and Anxiety to Achieve Vibrant Health and Transform Your Life

Eva Selhub


9780345506528 | Hardback 256pg; Co-author Divinia Infusino | Jan 2009 | $25.00
Subject: Body Mind Spirit


A practical life-healing program, the first of its kind, The Love Response is the result of Dr. Selhub's years of research–and clinical practice–on how to reverse the destructive physical effects of fear and stress, and banish emotional wounds from the past. Through a simple-to-use plan of awareness, breathing, visualization, and verbal command exercises, The Love Response reprograms your brain and changes your biochemistry from negative to positive, putting you on a path to long-term wellness and happiness. The Love Response provides all the tools you need to transform anger into compassion, release your fears, overcome shame, embrace self-acceptance, connect through empathy, and, ultimately, strengthen your natural ability to heal.

  About the Author: Eva Selhub
Eva M. Selhub, M.D., is the senior staff physician at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital. An integrative health specialist and the founder of Alight Medicine for Learning and Healing in Newton Massachusetts, she is also a clinical instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.


  The Love Response

   9780345506528 | Hardback 256pg; Co-author Divinia Infusino | Jan 2009 | $25.00


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