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The Soul Truth

A Guide to Inner Peace

Sheila Gillette


9781585426874 | Hardcover 320pg | Dec 2008 | $24.95
Subject: Body Mind Spirit


The Soul Truth reveals practical insights and techniques for readers to achieve deep, sustainable levels of inner peace through the channeled entity named THEO, a consortium of twelve archangels. In this book’s pages, THEO provides the tools to transcend the limitations of the physical world and enter into the timeless dimensions of the soul—the place that we yearn for in our desire to live joyous and fulfilling lives. As readers tap into this unlimited spiritual energy, they feel the excitement of manifesting peak spiritual experiences and illumination that until now have been thought to be the exclusive domain of mystics. In this book, THEO teaches us to access the realms where miracles are created, inviting readers to join the millions of ordinary people now having extraordinary experiences.

Powerful, practical, and life-enhancing teachings from the extraordinary source that has touched countless lives: the consortium of archangels collectively known as THEO.

  About the Author: Sheila Gillette
Sheila and Marcus Gillette are co-authors of “Soul Truth: A Remarkable Dialogue With Twelve Archangels” and co-founders of the THEO Group. Sheila is also the author of “The 5th Dimensions: Channels to a New Reality.”


  The Soul Truth

   9781585426874 | Hardcover 320pg | Dec 2008 | $24.95


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