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John Thie, DC and Matthew Thie M.Ed.

Publisher:  DeVorss Publications

Released: 1-May-2012

ISBN: 9780875168715

Format: Paperback 406pg




The Fundamental text of Energy Kinesiology for balancing muscles, posture, and “Chi” (Life Energy)

This is a complete revision and expansion of the fundamental text of Energy Kinesiology.  Includes complete International Kinesiology College curriculum, plus Dr. Thie’s developments from 1990-2005. Integrates Metaphors of Muscles, Meridians and the Five Elements. With over a million copies in print since 1973, “Touch for Health” started a phenomenon that has flourished worldwide and contributed to the emerging profession of Energy Kinesiology, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. TFH has been taught in over 100 countries and 23 languages to help balance Posture, Attitude and Vital Energy to develop Wellness, Health Maintenance, Prevention, Relief from Stress, Aches & Pains and enjoyment of vibrant health.

  • All new full color illustrations and photographs of all 42 muscle tests, in lying and standing positions
  • Color-coded reference tabs
  • Reference section includes a 2-page spread for each muscle including testing, origin/insertion, spinal reflexes, neurolymphatics, neurovasculars, and meridian
  • Acupressure holding points for the 12 major Meridians

The Complete Edition includes an extensive introduction to simple self-help energizers, Emotional Stress Release & application of muscle testing and reflex points.  Following the 42 muscle reference section, Chinese Five Element energy patterns are explained, as well as additional advanced applications such as Gait Balancing, Posture Analysis and Balancing, Reactive Muscle Reset, and pain control, and more!

GEORGE GOODHEART, D.C.: “The body heals itself. What we have tried to do for the professional, John is doing for the layperson.”

RAMMURTI S. MISHRA, M.D., Yoga Society of New York: “. . . a valuable contribution to the literature on the Healing Arts. This beautifully illustrated book has both clarity and scope. For those who are interested in healing others, Dr. Thie has rendered a positive service to the world, when healing knowledge is so needed.”




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John Thie, DC was president of the Touch For Health Foundation after having led the Thie Chiropractic Clinic for 35 years as a director in Pasadena, California. With degrees from USC, the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, and UCLA, he served on the faculties of many Southern California universities, where his treatment and technique gained recognition throughout the world. Despite his recent passing in 2005, Touch for Health will live forever in the hearts of his colleagues and practitioners for years to come.


Matthew Thie, M.Ed. continues the Touch for Health tradition, leading the Intensive Workshops in Malibu, California, weekend workshops in Los Angeles, and an extensive international teaching schedule.   Matthew is an International Faculty member of the International Kinesiology College, former IKC President, and former President of the TFH Kinesiology Association.  Matthew worked directly with his father, John Thie, from 1996-2005, coauthoring the Complete Edition, TFH Pocketbook with Five Element Metaphors, and many articles and presentations.

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