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“Neville captured the sheer logic of creative mind principles. His work has impacted me in a very profound way; in fact, he’s been a great mentor to me in the past few years.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of Wishes Fulfilled

Neville page img 1For Over 70 Years, DeVorss has Proudly published the Wisdom of Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard (1905-1972) was among the last century’s most articulate and charismatic purveyors of the philosophy generally called New Thought. He wrote ten books under the solitary penname Neville, and was a popular speaker on metaphysical themes from the late 1930s until his death in 1972. Possessed of a self-educated and uncommonly sharp intellect, Neville captured the sheer logic of creative-mind principles as perhaps no other figure of his era.

In New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, he addressed crowded church pews and packed auditoriums at the peak of his career. He had a radio program and, for a short time, an inspirational television show broadcast from Los Angeles in the mid-1950s. His books and pamphlets were sold at lectures, and he freely allowed students to tape his addresses without charge – tapes that continue to informally spread his message today.

For all the recent talk of America being a faith-based nation, it was this iconoclastic foreigner from Barbados, West Indies who lived out the promise of religious freedom in a manner, perhaps, that a Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Paine would have smiled upon. Through the force of intellect and self-study, Neville developed a personal theology, and barnstormed through auditoriums and churches on both American coasts winning followers. Here was a man who stretched his wings in the winds of a nation that was open to religious innovation. It is in Neville that one finds a truly American spiritual figure: an innovator, a nonconformist, someone who dared to live by the inner light of his ideas.