Author Spotlight

Patrice Karst

“The Invisible String has been useful for us since we’ve moved and left friends behind. This beautiful story resonated with our daughter immediately, as they describe a string that connects your heart to everyone else’s that you love. Our girl immediately started naming everyone her string reached out to that was living far away and told us how she felt us tugging on her string when we were away from her last weekend. I truly believe we just created an embodiment of connection she can reference for her entire life.”– FROM “THE STIR: CAFEMOM BLOG

Born in London, England, Patrice Karst is a best-selling author of both adult and children’s books, teacher, guide, mother and popular speaker whose books have been translated worldwide. One of today’s most well-loved inspirational voices, she offers simple guidance about strengthening our relationship with Spirit/God by combining her study of global spiritual practices with a powerful, forthright and down-to-earth style. Using her entertaining unique blend of humor, honest and audience interaction she shares her message of hope, love and and comfort to appreciative audiences everywhere. The messages found in all of her work motivate people of all faiths and and walks of life to connect with God (that which is called by many different names) and find their own sense of spiritual strength. Her work touches children and adults alike.

Love, and the needs of the heart are something Karst understands well. She has made a literary career out of addressing in warm and humorous prose the issues that tickle or trouble our souls, both spiritually and practically. Her audiences, readers and worldwide fans delight in the truth of her promise and ability to “always keep it real”.

A “seeker” and spiritual student since childhood, her quest culminated in the writing of her first best selling book, God Made Easy.  Hers is a miraculous story, on the morning of November 11th, 1995 she was woken from a dream and an inner voice “told her” to write her first book. She did it in an hour and signed a publishing deal 3 weeks later!

Patrice Karst is the author of the best-selling children’s classic The Invisible String. Her other books include The Smile that Went Around the World, God Made Easy and The Single Mother’s Survival Guide. Patrice and her books have been widely featured in print and broadcast media and she has made public appearances on both a local and national level to promote her professional endeavors. When not writing, Patrice enjoys leading meditation/creative writing groups and traveling the world. Born in London, England, Patrice has been on a fascinating spiritual journey since she was a young girl looking out in awe at the glistening stars. The mother of one grown son, Elijah, and one zany wiener dog, Coco, Patrice lives in the magical valley of Ojai, California, where she is currently writing her memoir and still gazing up in wonder at starry nights.

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