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A Lesson to Sam

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Joel S. Goldsmith

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A Lesson to Sam is Joel Goldsmith’s heartfelt message written to his stepson who was going away to school. The author knew that the profound spiritual principles contained in the letter, principles that had been a living part of their life at home, would guide his son no matter what new experiences he was to meet. He provides a simple practice of meditation for Sam that need only be a moment or two long several times a day: “…listen way down inside of yourself; and then remember that this day which lies ahead of you is now God-governed, God protected, God-maintained, and God-sustained because you have consciously opened your consciousness to the presence and the government of God.” This small pamphlet is not only a gift of love from a father to a son, but a practical guide for spiritual seekers of all ages.

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JOEL S. GOLDSMITH (1892-1964), a monumental teacher of practical mysticism, devoted most of his life to the discovery and teaching of spiritual principles which he founded and called The Infinite Way. After the 1947 publication of The Infinite Way (ISBN 9780875163093), his seminal book, Goldsmith traveled throughout the world as a teacher and a healer. Today, a worldwide network of students and followers continue to practice and preserve his work. More than thirty books have been compiled from his tape-recorded lectures and classwork including The Heart of Mysticism (ISBN 9781889051802) and The Gift of Love (ISBN 9781889051857).