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A Master Speaks

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Benjamin Creme

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Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has always had guides and teachers in times of need — such as Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed. These great ones work to further a Plan for the evolution of humanity and the other kingdoms of Nature, which is held in the custody of the esoteric Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom.

Since 1982, one of these fully enlightened Teachers has written a monthly article for Share International magazine. The articles contain a wealth of inspiration, wisdom, and practical information relevant to a world in turmoil.

A Master Speaks is a compilation of 223 articles given between 1982 and 2003. Titles include: Health and healing, Life in the New Age, Human rights, Sharing for peace, The problem of AIDS, The new education, The promise of the future, The end of hunger, Aiding the cause of peace, The secret of living, Rise of people power, The ending of bondage.

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British artist Benjamin Creme (1922-2016) was a disciple of one of the Masters, with Whom he was in close telepathic contact. From the launching in 1982 of Share International, the magazine of which Benjamin Creme was founding editor, his Master contributed a series of inspiring articles on a wide range of subjects: The Brotherhood of Man, The ending of war, Unity in diversity, Saving the planet, Man’s divinity, The cities of tomorrow, Evolution versus creationism, The curse of commercialization, The path of co-operation, Overcoming the fear of change — and many more.