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A Mindful Life: A Spiritual Guide to Making Peace with Your Mind, Time, and Space

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Lanna Cairns


Trade Paperback 276pg

ISBN 9780997863932


“A Mindful Life: A Spiritual Guide to Making Peace with Your Mind, Time, and Space” applies contemporary metaphysics practically—providing readers with tools to create and organize their lives from their spiritual center. Many books on the benefits of being organized focus on the traditional idea of being more efficient throughout one’s day. From this conventional perspective, personal accomplishments are met with a checkmark and a smile. “A Mindful Life” merges our need for structure and spirituality–where the choices that we make are conscious decisions to diminish outer chaos and thereby further our inner peace, and where wellness and balance abide. This is the richness that organization adds to our lives. “A Mindful Life” addresses how we hide our authentic selves behind the clutter of stuff or the chaos of time. This book helps the reader understand why they make the choice to cling to stories about not enough of this (time) or not enough of that (space), when in actuality we all have more than enough of everything to create a successful and sustainable lifestyle. The search for peace of mind is a constant challenge, especially in today’s super-busy, goal-driven world. This book illuminates that path, advising readers about the power of creating their organizational experience with their thoughts, their choices, and their actions. It provides a metaphysical approach to evaluating oneself in relationship to time and space, assuring readers that behind the veil of daily events there is a source of good that intercepts their lives. If you can awaken to the peace and powerfulness that it brings, you are on their way to mastering time and space, and to releasing a life of stress and reactivity.

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