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Absolute Knowledge That Liberates Consciousness

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Roy Eugene Davis


Paperback 128pg

ISBN 9780877072973


This book provides holistic lifestyle and spiritual practice guidelines that can empower its readers to elicit and fully actualize their innate capacities to experience excellence in all aspects of their lives. Contents: The Truth About Your Essence of Being and Your Relationship With the Infinite; Sequential Categories, Specialized Capacities, and Orderly Processes of Cosmic Manifestation; The Psychological and Physiological Basis of Spiritual Enlightenment; Superconscious Meditation Practice That Clarifies Awareness and Facilitates Authentic Spiritual Growth; Guidelines to Dedicated Discipleship; Three Transformative Practices to Effectively Use; Infinite Life; Addendum: The Evolution of Religious Beliefs and Practices; Extensive Glossary of Key Words and Philosophical Concepts

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