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Released: 1-Jun-1978

ISBN10: 875162428

ISBN13: 9780875162423

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0875162428The teaching aspect of Agasha’s manifestion-a compilation of 16 talks by Agasha and others on a variety of subjects. This second volume of the Agashan teachings covers reincarnation, life in the ethereal world after so-called physical death, your evolutionary journey through the Cosmos, and your final manifestation as a veritable god in the great consciousness of the Pillars of Light.

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eisen_wWILLIAM EISEN was associated with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory near Los Angeles in an administrative capacity since 1961. His background prior to that time was in the field of architecture,  aircraft stress analysis, and building cost estimating. In 1952 he discovered the world of “mediums,” and has been an avid student of occultism and esoteric philosophy ever since.