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Ark of the Covenant & Holy Grail

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The Symbolism Behind the Mystery
Henrietta Bernstein

Trade Paperback 272 pages | April 1999
Subject: Body Mind Spirit/Spirituality Occultism


The search for the Ark of the Covenant has mystified and fascinated the world for centuries. What are the treasure-hunters, wisdom-seekers, historians, and religious zealots hoping to find? Historical answers, artistic beauty, or merely fame and financial reward? In today’s world, these all have material value, but the real intrinsic value of the Ark lies within the knowledge it will unveil – the Laws of God. Despite the many books and films that have pieced together various aspects of the story for entertainment, it’s Henrietta Bernstein who gives you the clear, uncoded, unscripted information she uncovered from the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Rosicrucian vaults, and the esoteric writings of philosopher Manly Hall.

“ . . . this is an important work of modern synthesis and scholarship that continues and complements the work of Manly P. Hall. Furthermore, Mrs. Bernstein has illuminated the feminine approach to the Ancient Mysteries.” – ART KUNKIN, Past President of The Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles

“Bernstein’s metaphysical scholarship will prove of intense interest and fascination to students of occult philosophy, and the collaborative history of the Ark and the Grail.” – MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

” . . . an insightful twist to the uncanny connection between Cabalah and the Ancient Wisdom teachings of the Ark of the Covenant and Holy Grail.” – MAGICAL BLEND MAGAZINE

Ark of the Covenant & Holy Grail traces the documented path of the Ark from the days of Moses to historical settings in Egypt, King Solomon’s Temple, Ethiopia, and Alexandria. Each step is intertwined with accounts of Christ, Mary Magdalene, the Cathars, Rennes-le-Chateau, the Knights Templars, Glastonbury, the Middle Ages, and finally America where the countless signs, symbols, and sacred geometry clues are strategically placed throughout Washington DC.

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Henrietta BernsteinHenrietta Bernstein is director of the Cabalah Research Foundation based in Bosque Farms, New Mexico and is a writer and international lecturer of the “Mysteries.” She is the author of CABALAH PRIMER (9780875165264), one of the very first modern books to be published on the esoteric subject of Cabalah combined with Sacred Geometry. Her knowledge and experience in this field came from many years of research and studying with the recognized leading scholar of the mysteries, the great philosopher and writer, and close personal friend, Manly P. Hall. She is listed in WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA and WHO’S WHO OF AMERICAN WOMEN.