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Blissful Magic: Spiral of the Celtic Mysteries (CD)

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The second album in Grayhawk’s Shamanic Trilogy, Blissful Magic: Spiral of the Celtic Mysteries, took home the 2020 COVR Bronze Visionary Award in the Iconic Music category.

Blissful Magic: Spiral of the Celtic Mysteries is an Earth Rite, which integrates Renaissance, Neoclassical, Baroque and Romantic orchestral styles with chant-like vocals performed dramatically in Gaelic and English. With this work, Grayhawk has captured the neopagan undertones and musical fusion of Celtic Shamanism, Wicca, Ceremonial Magic, and Eco Mysticism.

The traditional Celtic bodhran (frame drum) combines with scintillating percussion to provide a grounding tether for a fusion of orchestral and folk idioms accented again by the cello of the late, great GRAMMY® Winner, David Darling. Grayhawk travelled to Ireland, Wales, England, and France on pilgrimages to the sacred sites of New Grange, Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, Chalice Well, Bath and several spiritually potent stone circles.

True to the ancient traditions, Blissful Magic: Spiral of the Celtic Mysteries casts a binding spell on the destructive forces at large today in the world.

“Grayhawk’s music is a true tribute to the Goddess, transporting the listener between the Worlds…” …Diana L. Paxon, coauthor Lady of Avalon

“Blissful Magic is a rich musical experience that conveys the excitement and lyric beauty of a journey to the Otherworld.”  …Starhawk

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Grayhawk is a multi-award winning, classically trained, New Age/World Music composer, keyboardist, and conductor as well as a mystic, scholar of religious studies, musician, visionary, and sonic alchemist. He is a practicing Wiccan, devoted to Earth-centered Spirituality that began with a Visionquest with Native American elders during the time of the Harmonic Convergence. Grayhawk has travelled extensively throughout the world gathering inspiration and is a certified shiatzu practitioner/healer and psychic reader (Tarot). He is founder of the Christopher Gibney Foundation, named for his toddler son, Christopher Rainbow Dragon, who perished in 2007 from neuroblastoma.

“With the deepest longing and most profound Love, I dedicate, “Voice of the Ancestors” to my beloved son, Christopher Emmet Gibney (Little Rainbow Dragon) January 6th, 2005 – December 19th, 2007, who now dwells with the Ancestors.” – Grayhawk

Grayhawk resides in Temecula, California. He is the devoted father of Bridget and is happily married to the award-winning Vietnamese American author, Nguyệt Mị, (Dream Moon), who cowrote the screenplay with Grayhawk for the Indie Music Channel Outstanding Achievement Award winning music video, Guardians of Goddess Thiên Hậu from Voice of the Ancestors.