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Communing With Music

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Matthew Cantello

Publisher: Devorss Publications

Released:  1-Jul-2004

ISBN10: 875167926

ISNB13: 9780875167923


0875167926From a listener’s standpoint, without a trained ear, the pleasure attained from music is based solely on personal preference and taste in terms what sounds “good” or feels gratifying and stirs the soul. Author Matthew Cantello believes the inherent value of music offers an even greater benefit to the listener – the power to heal and transform your life. To enhance the listener’s relationship with music, rather than focusing on composition and performance, COMMUNING WITH MUSIC teaches the listener how to experience music with a new focus and intensity. Through various contemplative techniques such as meditation, visualization, and expressive movement, readers discover how to consciously bring about healing, serenity, vitality and spiritual awakening through the exquisite energy within music.

Practicing The Art Of Conscious Listening

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cantelloMatthew Cantello is a gifted music instructor, instrumentalist and composer with over 20 years experience teaching, performing, and “communing” with music in various capacities. He studied at The Crane School of Music and later founded “Ecstatic Arts, Inc.” – a nonprofit organization in New York dedicated to promoting the healing potential of music through workshops and performances.