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Jack Ensign Addington

Publisher: Devorss Publications

Released: 1-Jun-1966

ISBN10: 875166490

ISBN13: 978-0875166490


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your-magicA Magic-Like Technique for Thinking Your Way to Abundance & Happiness.

These few pages show just what to do (instead of what you’ve always done, wished you’d done, ought to have done, etc). Tens of thousands have successfully used Your Miracle Book and gotten their desire.

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addington_j_cJack Ensign Addington – lawyer, minister, lecturer, and author – left a successful legal practice to become a minister. During his twenty years in the ministry, he founded two large city churches. He was the co-founder, with his wife, Cornelia Addington, of the Abundant Living Foundation, which brought his teachings to thousands of students in the United States and Canada through radio broadcasts and the publication of the Abundant Living magazine. After retiring to Kalispell Montana, Jack Addington died in 1998.