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Emerson & New Thought: How Emerson’s Essays Influenced the Science of Mind Philosophy

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“Carol Carnes is the most potent and practical voice in New Thought today. This remarkable book is a revelation of the continuous power and relevance of Emerson for our time.” – JEAN HOUSTON, PH.D.

EMERSON’S ESSAYS have become the signature writings of the famous American transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson. Not only did these essays turn heads and open eyes in the mid nineteenth century, but they are still doing the same today. His spiritual insights can be seen most profoundly in New Thought and the work of Ernest Holmes and the Science of Mind philosophy. So much so, that specific essays are required reading in New Thought introductory classes. One teacher who has earned the esteem of spiritual leaders throughout New Thought, Dr. Carol Carnes has now provided readers with the specific essays that influenced Ernest Holmes the most: SELF-RELIANCE, THE OVER-SOUL, SPIRITUAL LAWS, COMPENSATION, and CIRCLES. Each chapter includes an essay and Carol’s commentary along with her insightful questions for the reader. The entire book has been edited to allow each reader to easily understand and grasp these concepts on a personal level in the world of today.

FEATURES: What separates this book from other editions of Emerson’s Essays is the updated editing, which has removed all of the masculine gender references and replace them with generic terms that enable everyone to identify with this timeless wisdom on a personal level.


“In my opinion, Emerson and New Thought is a must read, especially for those desiring an enhanced way of experiencing this human journey. Author Carol Carnes has enhanced the awareness of many with her exquisite ability to convey spiritual truth that may be elusive to the seeker.  It has been my blessing to experience her writing brilliance for many years. Emerson and New Thought will open the consciousness of those who may have put Ralph Waldo Emerson’s writings aside, finding difficulty in understanding his magnificent esoteric writings.  For others, including newcomers seeking guidance from this gifted philosopher, an open door to awakening will be facilitated.”

REV. DR. ANGELO PIZELO, Founding President, Emerson Theological Institute


“When it comes to teaching the Science of Mind, Carol Carnes is long known for her skillful interpretations and commitment to her subject. She applies her understanding of Holmes’ principles to her intellectual pursuits, informing her life choices and extending to us in this current work a worldview that includes the brilliant innate insights of Emerson. Carnes is a serious teacher for serious students of these teachings, a characterization well supported by a lifetime of dedication to this path.”

DR. BARBARA FIELDS, Executive Director, Association for Global New Thought


“I think the publishers got it right when they invited Dr. Carol to write a commentary on Emerson’s essays and how they influenced the Science of Mind/New Thought movement. Why? Because Carol Carnes in her heart of hearts is not only a Transcendentalist but also a wonderfully gifted teacher. And like all great teachers she embodies her subject. Emerson and New Thought brings to modern life the depth and meaning behind Emerson’s wonderful works. It is fresh, vibrant and soul-stirring, not only for students of metaphysics but for everyone and anyone who seeks to be aware of the beauty and goodness of life. Without hesitation, I’m recommending it as a must read!”


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CAROL CARNES has a varied background in service and Global Ministry spanning three decades.  She has participated in three Synthesis Dialogues with HH the Dalai Lama and other world leaders. Her induction into the MLK Board of Preachers at Morehouse College is one of her proudest achievements. She has written for Creative Thought and Science of Mind magazines and is the author of two previous books. Her daily blog “Living Consciously” serves as inspiration for thousands around the world. Visit her website for more information:

In her own words: “I believe the world is awakening to its spiritual roots, relieving itself of the superstition and dogma of Religion. To be spiritual is a way of living and thinking, not an institutionalized set of rules and regulations to follow. Spirituality ought to set us free to be authentically who we are and fully present wherever we are. Learning to honor and respect the creative nature of our own mind, seeing how we are one with the universal intelligence, can change lives dramatically. From physical healings to financial prosperity and all manner of healthy relationships, we can direct our own destiny with the right use of mind.”


RALPH WALDO EMERSON (1803–1882) was a renowned lecturer and writer whose ideas on philosophy, religion, and literature influenced many writers, including Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman. After an undergraduate career at Harvard, he studied at Harvard Divinity School and became an ordained minister, continuing the long line of ministers in his family. He traveled widely and lectured, and became well known for his publications Nature and Essays.