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English Cabalah, Vol.1

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William Eisen

Publisher: Devorss Publications

Released: 1-Jun-1980

ISBN10: 875163904

ISBN13: 9780875163901


englishCabalah based on English, becoming a truly universal language and yielding the true meaning of physics, harmony, and number. In the “Mysteries of Pi,” you will discover that there is no real difference between the beginning and the end. They are one and the same. In this volume one is also given conclusive proof of the amazing relationships between the 26 letters of the alphabet and their appropriate Tarot keys. The cipher code within the one unlocks the meaning of the other.

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eisen_wWILLIAM EISEN was associated with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory near Los Angeles in an administrative capacity since 1961. His background prior to that time was in the field of architecture,  aircraft stress analysis, and building cost estimating. In 1952 he discovered the world of “mediums,” and has been an avid student of occultism and esoteric philosophy ever since.