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Expressions Of Oneness

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Jean Shorter


Released: 1-Jun-2000

ISBN10: 875167365

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0875167365Jean Shorter explores the common elements of three significant personal relationships in our lives to identify how they nurture the soul. By understanding how our relationships in marriage, with children, and in spiritual community are connected, one can rededicate their life to achieving its greatest potential. With the tools that are provided, EXPRESSIONS OF ONENESS guides you to the essence of your soul as it is reflected in the primary relationships of your life.  The essence of this book contains three teachings from the Akashic Records which can be seen as an effort on the part of the Masters to establish a partnership. As they are teachings on subjects dear to the hearts of many, it is the hope that anyone seeking to live in greater awareness of the soul dimension of these relationships will find much in them that is useful, practical and inspiring in their day-to-day lives.


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shorter_jeanAfter many years as a writer in both the non-profit arts and advertising, Jean became a student of the Akashic Records.  This spiritual work brought “the writer and the seeker together, and she found herself writing about relationships from the soul perspective.“““Her work is inspired by the Akashic Records and, as for the teachings themselves she says, “They come through me, not from me. They are the work of those Masters of Wisdom who have offered us profound spiritual wisdom throughout the ages. That I am able to share what is so eloquently offered to me is my joy and my life work.”“““Jean is currently working on subsequent teachings which will also contribute enormously to our understanding of how our primary relationships work together in revealing the soul.