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Eyes Of The Spirit

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Colum Hayward

Publisher: White Eagle Publishing Trust

Released: 1-Jun-1997

ISBN10: 854871039

ISBN13: 9780854871032

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eyesFar from being remote, White Eagle is revealed as a dear and loving friend who simply reflects our own inner creative voice, without judgment or criticism.  The traditional view of the spiritual teacher is transformed into something more dynamic, more down-to-earth, more real.  Colum cuts through old dogma and offers a refreshingly different perspective on what it is like to work with such a guide.

Working With A Spiritual Teacher

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Colum Hayward (b. 1952) is the grandson of Grace Cooke, medium of the spirit guide White Eagle, who is described in this book. He has taught in the White Eagle Lodge for over thirty years, and has also brought meditation into a secular, inner-city environment. He is a PhD of Trinity College, Cambridge, and as well as his interests in spiritual paths he runs his own publishing company, Polair Publishing, goes rowing on the Thames, and climbs mountains.