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Dianne Edleman


Released: 1-Dec-2004

ISBN10: 875167985

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0875167985John Muir once said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks” — which is perhaps the real reason many people turn to nature in times of despair and personal grief. Deeply saddened by the sudden death of her mother, New Thought writer, Dianne Edleman discovered through spiritual mind treatment and her digital camera, a way of transforming grief into a work of art and an entirely new way of life. Inspired by grief but not restricted to it, Fitzpatrick Lane shares with the reader a unique way of immersing oneself with nature to glean insights into truths of life. At the same time, it demonstrates how contemplation in general, and spiritual mind treatment in particular, can be transformed into a work of art.


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edlemanDianne Edleman is a writer and consultant based in Aptos, California. A former advertising creative director and lifelong student of metaphysics, she combines original photography, personal experience, and simple, yet powerful spiritual tools to create books that help individuals manage change, attain goals, and achieve greater authenticity in all areas of life.