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Group Consciousness

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Realizing Brotherhood on Earth

Paperback 208pg | March 2016
Subject: Spirituality

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The celebrated spirit teacher, White Eagle, describes a process by which individual self-consciousness yields to a coming together in brotherhood and a group consciousness, and finally universal consciousness. The Aquarian Age is very much the age of the group, and White Eagle does not just theorize about our coming together in understanding, he actually describes how individuals may join in brotherhood one with another, serving all creation by doing this. The White Eagle Lodge has such a brother-sisterhood at its heart and White Eagle speaks at length about the symbol of the six-pointed star as the focus of the new age. Ultimately, our path forward is one of joy.

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The White Eagle Publishing Trust was created in 1953 to safeguard and promote the teaching of White Eagle, given through Grace Cooke. The teaching, contained in an ever-expanding list of books and other publications, is an inspirational message bringing great encouragement from spirit and a clearer understanding of human purpose. Outwardly simple, it proves on closer acquaintance to be much deeper. Indeed, it contains a distillation of deep elements in Christianity, eastern religion, Native American wisdom and traditional Spiritualism.

White Eagle brings teaching which relates directly to the beginning of the new age of Aquarius, and in deeply associated with St. John, often regarded as the teacher for the new age. Today the teaching is backed be a worldwide community. The White Eagle Lodge, where people can receive healing and discover their deeper selves under wise guidance