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Hold On Toby

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Windy Island Publishing – 2016

Janet Bierbower-Boucher

Paperback 32pg

ISBN 9780692664575

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Hold On, Toby is the story of a little maple leaf bud on a very big tree. As he grows and matures, he encounters the wonder and forces of nature, and various critters and people of all sizes. Throughout his journey, Toby is often told to ‘hold on,’ although he has no idea what that means. Hold On, Toby presents an opportunity to experience the joy of each season and to glimpse an understanding of the cycle of life as expressed through the seasons of Toby’s life.

Author Janet Bierbower-Boucher wrote this book because she wanted children to become aware of, experience and learn to appreciate the cycle that occurs as a natural part of life — the renewal of life each spring, the blossoming of summer, the glory of the changing colors of fall, and the resting nature of winter. Moving through life with an awareness of the natural cycles in our lives helps us to celebrate each season and to engage in the natural flow of life with appreciation and recognition of the miracle of life itself.

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A former teacher and mother of two, Janet Boucher has always had a passion for writing and for creating stories for children that help them to better understand the natural world around them.