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Holy Days And Holidays

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Dr. George Bendall

Publisher: Devorss Publications

Released: 1-Jun-1995

ISBN10: 875166865

ISBN13: 9780875166865

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0875166865Here is a book of light but deeply significant associations that we can be making with our precious red-letter days in order to get more out of them – and maybe share more of them with others too.




Blessed Occasions For Heart And Mind

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bendall_gDr. George Bendall (1919-1992)was a close associate of Religious Science founder Ernest Holmes and pastor of Founder’s Church in Los Angeles where he helped thousands to understand and celebrate the Science of Mind teachings. A Southern “aristocrat” by birth and an engineering prodigy by nature and training — he was among the few hundred young men personally exempted from military service by President Franklin Roosevelt. By 1957, George Bendall had not only joined the Religious Science movement but had been ordained as a minister-at-large. He served a variety of churches in Southern California including Founder’s Church until his passing in 1992.