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How to Speak Science of Mind

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Dennis Merritt Jones

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The aim of Science of Mind is to heal our lives of any and all discord, fear, superstition, guilt, and sense of lack. Wholeness is a Reality, and it can be found at the very center of who and what we are now. Science of Mind offers practical and definite methods for creating positive life changes. Among its benefits is the science of positive, healing prayer, called spiritual mind treatment. How to Speak Science of Mind is a useful guide to the concepts and terminology of this dynamic and practical spiritual system. Frequently asked questions are answered along with simple definitions to key terms and phrases. This concise book gives you the basic building blocks of the Science of Mind philosophy. Whether you choose to practice at home or with any number of Religious Science and Science of Mind churches, or Centers for Spiritual Living, you will soon understand the spiritual wonder of Science of Mind.

REV. DR. KATHY HEARN,Community Spiritual Leader, United Centers for Spiritual Living: “Dr. Dennis has done us a wonderful service in How to Speak Science of Mind. Each page of this helpful guide dispels misunderstanding and confusion and illuminates the joyful truth of our teaching and its practice. I love this book!”

DR. KATHIANNE LEWIS, Seattle Center for Spiritual Living: “Dennis Merritt Jones has a way of making the complex ideas of Spiritual Realities understandable and accessible. How to Speak Science of Mind is a book that opens up a common vocabulary we can all use to communicate our deepest longings and insight. This is a masterful accomplishment.”

DR. KENN GORDON, President, International Centers for Spiritual Living: “A wonderful reflection of the truth of our philosophy which proves the point that while language changes, Truth does not. . . This is an excellent source of insight and clarity.”

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DENNIS MERRITT JONES, DD, has been a motivational force in New Thought for over twenty-five years. Dennis was the founder and spiritual director of the International Center for Spiritual Living in Simi Valley, CA. He retired from the pulpiDennis Merritt Jonest in 2008 after twenty-three years to take his message to the world by means of his books, sacred journeys travel, spiritual mentoring, keynote speaking, and seminars. Dennis is also the author of the award winning book, The Art of Being ~ 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life. For more information please visit