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How to Use Spiritual Mind Treatment

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(and what to do when it doesn’t seem to work)
Dianne Edleman, PhD

Paperback: 144pg | August 2005
Subject: Body Mind Spirit / New Thought


HOW TO USE SPIRITUAL MIND TREATMENT offers helpful guidelines to understanding the key elements of this life-changing practice that was first introduced by Ernest Holmes in the early 1900’s. Part I is a “how to” that explains what spiritual mind treatment is, how it works, and how to use it. Part II is a troubleshooting section that tells you what to do when treatment doesn’t seem to work along with a16-item questionnaire to help identify the problem. This section also includes practical information on the following topics: The Most Common Self-Defeating Mind States; How to Eliminate Self-Defeating Mind States; Counter-Intentionality.

REV. BERNARDO MONSERRAT, Author of Faith It ‘Till You Make It: “In my thirty years of studying the Science of Mind have I yet to encounter a book so clear and concise about Spiritual Mind Treatment. Dr. Edleman has taken a process that can be daunting to the beginning student and made it user friendly. This book should be used in every beginner’s class.”

BARRY HEERMANN,PHD, Author of Building Team Spirit: ” . . . a concise, clear-headed, persuasive and practical guide to prayer that will forever change your life. Dianne Edleman masterfully guides you through both the structure and the spirit of this prayer form, providing you with clear access to a process that will evoke your highest calling and purpose in the universe.”

FROM THE AUTHOR: There is no limit to the good that can be realized through spiritual mind treatment. Properly understood and utilized, the practice can be used to improve your health, fitness, relationships, finances, career, creativity, spirituality, or well-being. All that is required is an open mind, a sincere heart, and a willingness to be gently persistent in one’s practice.

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Dianne EdlemanDianne Edleman, PhD
Dianne Edleman, Ph.D. is a New Thought Metaphysical author, consultant to businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, and coach of senior level executives, professionals, and independent consultants. Her other book, FITZPATRICK LANE: A BOOK OF PRAYER (DeVorss Publications 0875167985) was release in 2004. To learn more about Dianne and her spiritual work, you can visit her website: