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Released: 1-Oct-2004

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1889051683The Journey Back to the Father’s House is the ninth book of the 1978-1981 Letters of Joel S. Goldsmith. This book contains the 1978 Letters which explain the necessity of attaining the mind of Christ or the transcendental mind.  “The emphasis is on the importance of going beyond the letter of truth, which is the truth that is known in the mind, to achieving the Christ-mind. Goldsmith explains that this takes time and practice and says “Every truth heard or read that makes you feel it is truth, is a seed, that is being taken into your consciousness. You can no more expect it to do something for you tomorrow than if you planted an apple seed today and expected to find apples growing in your yard tomorrow.” The mind of Christ is that Truth received from within our own being and comes after time spent living by the letter of truth and opening ourselves to hear the Word of God through meditation.


The 1979 Infinite Way Letters

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Joel S. GoldsmithJOEL S. GOLDSMITH (1892-1964), a monumental teacher of practical mysticism, devoted most of his life to the discovery and teaching of spiritual principles which he founded and called The Infinite Way. After the publication of his seminal book, The Infinite Way, in 1947, Joel traveled throughout the world as a teacher and a healer. Although Goldsmith’s message was neither organized nor advertised, students of The Infinite Way increased in numbers. Today, a worldwide student body exists which continues to practice and preserve his work. More than thirty books have been compiled from his tape-recorded lectures and classwork including “The InfiniteWay,” “Practicing the Presence” and “The Art of Meditation.”