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Kundalini West

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Ann Ree Colton Foundation – 1978

Ann Ree Colton

403 pages Hardback

ISBN 9780917187018

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Kundalini West brings into modern-day focus the ancient and priceless wisdom of the East pertaining to the kundalini and the chakras. Ann Ree Colton extends and illuminates this knowledge in a clear and understandable manner for the Western seeker of enlightenment. She beautifully defines the ethical approach to kundalini through virtue and a spiritualized conscience, and also covers such subjects as yin and yang, chakra healing, bliss-portals, the three gunas, meditation and the breath, the wheel of karma, and the twelve zodiacal prototypes. Also included are pictures of many of her paintings and charts and a glossary defining numerous Eastern and Western spiritual concepts.

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Ann Ree Colton was born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 17, 1898. Beginning in early childhood, her life bore testimony to her extraordinary spiritual gifts and aptitudes. She began her life as a spiritual teacher in her twenties, and served as a teacher of the higher life for over sixty years. Her spiritual aptitudes were many: she was a prophet, clairvoyant, cosmos disciple, spiritual teacher and healer, author of 23 books on spiritual subjects, lecturer, counselor, creative artisan, and an adept articulate in the inner mysteries.

Ann Ree’s teaching and life exemplify the versatile gifts available to the spiritual initiate under Christ. Her legacy includes not only the memory of her magnificently gracious spirit, her personal spiritual attainments, books, and creations, but a path or method known as the system of Niscience, through which sincere seekers on the Path may also recover and increase the treasures of their souls. Ann Ree co-founded the Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc. with her husband, Jonathan Murro. She passed from the physical world on June 28, 1984.

Ann Ree Colton represented a prototype ahead of her time, a prototype versatile in the gifts of the Spirit, who manifested the inner and outer marriages of East and West, masculine and feminine, science and religion, the practical and the spiritual.