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Karen Drucker

Publisher: Devorss Publications

Released: 1-Mar-2010

ISBN13: 9780875168548


9780875168548Struggling musician, wedding singer, musical comedienne, garage organizer, lemonade-stand entrepreneur, competitive swimmer– Karen Drucker has done all of these things and more, in her indomitable urge to grow and evolve.
Often funny, always honest and real, the stories she shares in Let Go of the Shore reveal how she leaves behind fears and limits to emerge as a writer, workshop leader, recording artist, and speaker–a free spirit who lives life to the fullest and inspires us to do so as well.
“This is my path. It is a constant process of surrendering to what is, what is next, who I am, what is emerging, what needs to be released. It s about letting go of the safety of the shore and what I have known, while floating into the mystery that is this amazing life.”
In thirty-six stories and songs based on her life experiences from swimming the English Channel to showing off her best Tarzan call on national TV, Karen Drucker helps us to step boldly into the beckoning waters of our own freedom and growth.
Trade Paperback with CD
containing 14 of Karen s best songs

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Karen DruckerKaren Drucker has recorded thirteen CDs (two pop/blues and eleven inspirational) and travels around the country performing and speaking at conferences, retreats, churches, giving concerts, workshops, and organizing her own spiritual retreats. She has been blessed to work with such inspirational authors as Joan Borysenko, Mary Manin Morrissey, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Alan Cohen, and SARK, and has received an honorary doctorate from the United Centers for Spiritual Living. Karen resides with her husband and two adorable cats in Northern California.