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Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East AUDIO CD

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Baird T. Spalding

Audio 3CD SET 169 min. | July 2007
Subject: Esoteric Studies


ELEVEN MEN embarked upon a journey in 1894 with one objective: to find the great spiritual teachers of the Far East and witness their uncommon abilities. Since these Masters were scattered over a wide territory that covered a large portion of India, Tibet, China, and Persia, they knew it could take years of searching many secluded villages and hidden mountain communes. Planning each step of the journey became a challenge knowing that countless miles of rugged terrain separated the remote and isolate locations that were imperative to the exploration. Even though they could plot their route on a map and see where they were headed, the destination deep within the souls of eleven scientifically trained men remained uncertain. Baird T. Spalding and the others were practical in nature and the thought of spiritual masters performing “miracles” seemed impossible. Despite these suspect thoughts, something compelled them to move onward. So they did.

“The spiritual journey is a journey like no other. Although there is a destination, its direction is not from here to there . . . but rather from without to within.” – MARA MARIN, from Be Still and Know

Baird T. Spalding’s transcripts and records of this journey have played an important role in introducing the knowledge that there are many Masters who assist and guide the destinies of people and cultures around the world. His encounters with the Masters present a dramatic unfoldment of spiritual teachings and episodes unparalleled in all of Western literature. The content of this CD is an abridged version of the expedition which takes place in the first three volumes.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Volumes 1-6 are also available as a boxed set  (ISBN 9780875165387)

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BAIRD T. SPALDINGBaird T. Spalding
BAIRD T. SPALDING, whose name became legend in metaphysical circles during the first half of the 20th century, played an important part in introducing to the Western world knowledge of the Masters, who are assisting and guiding the destiny of mankind. Born in England, at age four he went to India. At age seventeen he finished the University and went to California were he stayed two years. He then traveled to Heidelberg, Germany and studied for eight years and then returned to California for post-graduate work in Archaeology at Berkeley and Stanford. After years of working with publisher Douglas DeVorss to write and promote the Life & Teaching series, Spalding died in 1953 in Arizona.