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Life in Our Solar System

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MARK-AGE, INC. – 2008


212 pages Trade Paperback

ISBN 9780912322629

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Presents the extraordinary afterlife experiences of New Age channel Gloria Lee (1926-62), known as ascended master Glo-Ria. This book provides interdimensional communications via Nada-Yolanda that describe Gloria’s next-life experiences, what happens and how to adjust to the transition from this plane to the next, and eternal life for everyone.

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Yolanda made her transition on November 8, 2005. From the higher realms, she functions as Nada of the Karmic Board, Co-Chohan (with Sananda/Jesus) of the Seventh Ray of Love and Peace. In interdimensional teamwork with El Morya and Sananda, she continues to inspire Mark-Age operations for the Second Coming.

Since 1960, Mark-Age has published books, booklets, courses, magazines, newsletters, and audiocassettes for an international membership of individuals, churches, schools, universities, and independent study groups who network globally to bring a new level of spiritual consciousness to planet Earth. Headquarters are now in Pioneer, Tennessee, forty-five miles north of Knoxville.