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Life Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain

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Post Hill Press

Cristina Smith

Paperback 208 pages

ISBN# 978-1642934755


Boost your health and happiness through the power of positive play! Discover goodies galore to enjoy inside. Insightful inspiring stories. Secret messages. Brain training fun. Positive affirmations to help make your life better. Chicken soup for your brain and heart, the award-winning Life Wisdom Word Search invites you to play!

Who would have thought that practicing mental yoga, turbocharging creativity, and empowering personal mastery could be so much fun? Featuring life wisdom messages from sixty extraordinary authors from ages seven to ninety-four, these sixty puzzles make every page both a challenge to be solved and a meditation for self-realization.
It gets even better! Once all words are found, a hidden message is revealed—a powerful, wise quote to affirm each author’s story. Plus, find fascinating facts and enlightening insights inside, providing tasty food for thought.
This book can help you:

  • Stay sharp with a more flexible brain.
  • Bring more peace and happiness into your life with inspiring, mindful messages.
  • Reduce the risk of early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Have fun with a purpose.

Both a profound philosophy and fun puzzle book, Life Wisdom Word Search is yoga for the brain that stretches your mind, nourishes your soul, and touches your heart.
Complete the sixty puzzles inside. In the process, discover that you have also solved the most important puzzle of all… you!

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Cristina Smith’s mission is to help people master the energy of their lives. Through her writings, teachings and commitment to community building, Cristina has interacted with thousands of people through her articles, books, talks, workshops, programs and professional presentations.

In 2016, Cristina published her first print book, The Tao of Sudoku: Yoga for the Brain. It became a best seller on Amazon and has earned six literary awards. The Word Search Oracle: Yoga for the Brain with Darity Wesley and The Word Search Sage: Yoga for the Brain with Ingrid Coffin followed in 2017. Both became best sellers and have won numerous literary awards.

Cristina’s thought-provoking, perspective-shifting, and soul-stirring writings have
appeared in a variety of periodicals and books since she was first published at age 14. She has worked as a feature writer, columnist, content creator, newsletter contributor, marketing copywriter, co-creative ghostwriter, and editor. Cristina’s articles champion quality of life through wellness, happiness and the practical application of holistic business practices. Her current articles are available in the Nevada County Union
newspaper, Biz Catalyst 360˚ and Wellness Universe, where she shares her wisdom on
such diverse topics as aging, the historical roots of current holidays and practical tips on
how to deal with excess stuff.

Cristina founded the Subtle Energy Center in 1993. Her seven Subtle Energy Retreats have attracted an international audience of both participants and presenters. On the cutting edge of this new field, Cristina she has facilitated and helped to create, define and support the subtle energy scientific, spiritual and healing communities both locally and globally. She currently serves as adjunct faculty for Holos University Graduate Seminary