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Publisher: Devorss Publications

Released: 1-Jul-2003

ISBN10: 875167896

ISBN13: 9780875167893

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0875167896After years as an attorney, during which time he observed anger on multiple levels, author Dean Van Leuven grew frustrated not only by his own personal anger, but also by how the anger of other people affected him. It became obvious to him that emotional responses based on anger were not effective in solving problems. To deal with this dilemma, Dean Van Leuven defied countless experts who taught “anger control” or “anger management” as the only treatment. In search of a permanent solution for himself, he developed a far-reaching process that eliminated anger from his life once and for all. LIFE WITHOUT ANGER: Your Guide to Peaceful Living, helps readers to break the cycle of stress, anger and depression so that they can experience the true joy of life despite the setbacks. There’s no coping or managing here. As inconceivable as it might sound, it is possible to never experience anger regardless of the circumstances you come up against.


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DEAN VAN LEUVEN presents a totally new approach to dealing with anger through an effective technique that allows you to eliminate anger and still fully experience your positive emotions.  Students attending Dean Van Leuven’s workshops and classes find it a life changing experience.