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Little Book Of Healing Comfort

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White Eagle


Released: 1-Sep-2005

ISBN10: 854871632

ISBN13: 9780854871636


854871632White Eagle’s classic book ‘The Quiet Mind’ has had a remarkable power to touch people during times of need, but it has long been felt that a matching book especially aimed to bring comfort in moments of healing crisis was also needed. “‘White Eagle’s Little Book of Healing Comfort’ takes the metaphor of the snowdrop, seemingly fragile, but immensely strong, to show how the spirit can overcome all the tests laid upon the outer body and the soul. As the snowdrop breaks through frosted ground and snow, so the spirit rises at moments of crisis and can take control. This is why disease and healing are transformational of more than just the physical body. “The chapters are practically arranged to help the reader to feel enfolding love, find peace, release ailments to a higher power, find courage, and where necessary, to face ‘death’. This book also deals with the more blessed experiences that may arise from the presence of angels and guidance from the Great Healer.

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White Eagle is a renowned spiritual teacher, and the guide of Grace Cooke