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Frederic V.R. Dey

Publisher: Devorss Publications

Released: 1-Jun-2028

ISBN10: 875160204

ISBN13: 9780875160207

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0875160204A winter’s tale from the 1890’s.  At first it explodes in a splendid message.  “Nothing is impossible after you know that story.”

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deyFrederic V.R. Dey

Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey (February 10, 1861 – April 25, 1922) was an American dime novelist and pulp fiction writer. Born in Watkins Glen, New York, to David Peter Dey and Emma Brewster Sayre, he attended the Havana Academy and later graduated from the Columbia University Law School. He practiced law and was a junior partner of William J. Gaynor, who went on to become the mayor of New York. Dey took up writing while recovering from a serious illness and his first full-length story was written for Beadle and Adams in 1881. “The Magic Word” and “The Magic Story,” written in 1899, were extremely popular and passed through some twenty editions. He was married twice and had two children.