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9780854872398The ‘Messages of Joy’ in our 2016 Calendar are all from White Eagle’s teachings in 12 books published by The White Eagle Publishing Trust. The books offer a variety of themes on spiritual matters, from healing to meditation, from living with love to developing our ability to be in touch with the radiance of the spirit in the New Age. Each month inspiring quotations from one of the books below are featured along with the book cover, and the stunning images which we usually feature in our popular Calendar.“The Light Bringer (A new edition), Initiations on the Path of the Soul“Earth Healer, White Eagle on Living in, Harmony with the Spirit, The Still Voice, Living with Love, Beautiful Road Home, Heal Thyself, Walking with the Angels, Spiritual Unfoldment I, White Eagle’s Little Book of Comfort for the Bereaved, White Eagle on Divine Mother.

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WHITE EAGLEWhite Eagle is the name by which we know a very wise and loving teacher in the world of spirit. He brought about the formation of the Lodge in 1936 through his earthly instrument Grace Cooke, and since her death (1979) and that of her husband Ivan (1981) White Eagle’s inspiration – and theirs – has continued to guide the work of the Lodge. The name “White Eagle” is not attached only to an individual, but stands for a true vision through the mists of earth into a larger and more perfect life. You will also know that the white eagle is a symbol of St. John, the beloved disciple of Jesus, who was caught up in the power of the spirit and saw a new heaven and a new earth revealed. He saw that God had bestowed on humankind great gifts, not the least of which is the gift of vision.