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Microtonal Healing

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Linda L. Nielsen

Publisher: Devorss Publications

Released: 1-Jul-2004

ISBN10: 875167942

ISBN13: 9780875167947

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0875167942Healing with song and music continues to be a common practice used by traditional healers around the world. The use of song and chant in ancient healing rituals can be traced to teachings of antiquity found in Europe, Asia, China, Tibet, and the Americas. The use of the voice as a complementary healing modality is a new and expanding field that is supported by ancient traditions as well as by the new physics. Microtonal Healing is designed to take the reader into an exploration of the vocal healing experience. It informs newcomers as well as those familiar with concepts of holistic health and energy medicine and provides a concise rationale for understanding the healing voice. The goal of Microtonal Healing is to demonstrate that the voice is a vibrational medicine tool that complements natural healing processes, and as such, it is the most vital and noninvasive tool for maintaining and restoring well-being.




Spirit Of The Healing Voice

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nielsenLinda L. Nielsen, Ph.D. is a transformational spiritual author of Microtonal Healing: Spirit of the Healing Voice (DeVorss 2004), which received the 2005 Visionary Award in alternative healing.