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New Thought (R)evolution: A Powerful Vision for the Future

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New Thought (R)evolution: A Powerful Vision for the Future
Harvey Bishop
234 pages Trade Paperback $14.95
ISBN# 9781732873810

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Does New Thought need new ideas?

The book New Thought (R)evolution is a new way of looking at New Thought via 43 powerful and provocative essays-offering hope and inspiration.

“This is a book for everyone, whether you are new to the idea of using the power of your mind to create your world, or you are a long-time seeker. An injection of much-needed fresh ideas about a topic where many feel they have heard it all before.” ~Royce Christyn, Author of Suddenly Right

“In this important book, Harv Bishop and his collaborators make a powerful case for a revitalized and reinvigorated spirituality that changes lives and how New Thought could again be the influential movement that shaped American religious and spiritual history.” ~Randy Sutherland


The blog is known as “ground zero for a New Thought reformation” for its willingness to pose tough questions about alternative spirituality.
A student of New Thought for more than 30 years, Bishop is an award-winning writer, university educator, and spiritual seeker.

From the author, “It was my good karma to grow up in a family on a spiritual search.
My mom avidly read New Thought luminaries Joel Goldsmith and Ralph Waldo Trine. My dad devoured books about Edgar Cayce and The Tibetan Book of the Dead.
Reincarnation and the paranormal were common dinner-table topics. My grandmother read Carl Jung’s autobiographical Memories, Dreams, Reflections to me when I was 12. I started attending the largest New Thought church in the world as a teenager. At 39, I began studying Jewish mysticism with an Hasidic Rabbi. These teachings were like being given pure oxygen to breathe. I grow spiritually by seeing how different people reflect on the deep questions of existence.”