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Jack and Cornelia Addington

Publisher: DeVorss Publications

Released: 1-Jun-1973

ISBN13: 9780875161792



A 10-Step Course on Constructive Thinking

If you had a pail of dirty water and each day you poured a cup of clean water into it, within days you would have a pail of clear water. The clear water would eventually replace the dirty water in the pail. Right? This is the example Jack and Cornelia Addington use to illustrate how this book can affect your mind and your life. Just as you could simply pour a clean cup of water in the pail day after day, you can allow constructive thinking to cleanse the mind of old, negative thought patterns day after day. It all can be accomplished in this 10-week program called THE PERFECT POWER WITHIN YOU. That which you can conceive, you can achieve. There is no goal too great to be realized – family unity, business success, companionship, creative expression, prosperity, or health. Change your consciousness and you change your world.

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addington_j_cJack Ensign Addington – lawyer, minister, lecturer, and author – left a successful legal practice to become a minister. During his twenty years in the ministry, he founded two large city churches. He was the co-founder, with his wife, Cornelia Addington, of the Abundant Living Foundation, which brought his teachings to thousands of students in the United States and Canada through radio broadcasts and the publication of the Abundant Living magazine.