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Jenny Dent


Released: 1-Nov-2000

ISBN10: 854871209

ISBN13: 9780854871209

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0854871209In this second book in the Peter Parrot series, Peter’s magic Star turns silver: this is his `miracle’ star, and with the help of his new friend Esmond Egret he is able to help three healing miracles happen for Africa. Peter and his animal friends communicate by ‘amail’ not ’email’.  Rosemary Young’s illustrations of Africa and the animals Peter meets, are particularly stunning. A wonderful and inspiring book for both the children and the adults who share the book. It helps us all feel we can be involved in healing the world  and reminds us that Star miracles can happen anywhere! Once again there are pages of workbook questions to answer and have fun with.

VOL. 2 (AGES 4+)

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dentJenny Dent has been writing spiritally-based stories for children since her early twenties. Brought up with the philsosphy of the spiritual teacher White Eagle, she teaches meditation and spiritual unfoldment in the White Eagle Lodge.