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Dorothy Elder

Publisher: Devorss Publication

Released: 1-Jun-1994

ISBN10: 963167316

ISBN13: 9780963167316

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963167316This is a biographical account of a teacher, minister, and leader in the metaphysical movement who inspired, healed and taught her students and followers for 37 years in our nation’s capitol. The material included was the result of several hours of interviews by the author. Dr. Faus was a leader in the International New Thought Alliance for years, and her teaching and friendship with many of the leaders in that movement continued between 1932 to 1969 to her retirement. Grace’ influence went far and wide as she touched with the leaders of that time: Dr. Erwin Gregg, Nona Brooks, Vitvan, Sri Deva Ram Sukul, Walter Russell, Edyth Armstrong Hoyt, and many other teachers who were leaders in the metaphysical/mystical movement of those years. This book is a history of the New Thought Movement and also a history of women in the movement. Grace Faus’ central devotion was teaching and healing through her consciousness. Dr. Faus’ memorial was celebrated for one whose lifetime was one of love, healing, and service. It took place August 1988 in Colorado, her retirement home.

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Dorothy Elder has been a student of metaphysics and the mystical for many years. Her experiences as a daughter, wife, mother, divorcee, and counselor of adolescents has given her a deep understanding of the modern woman’s challenges and needs. Her study of Western and Eastern religions as well as her world travels has brought forth a broad perspective on the similarities and differences in religions of the world. Her purpose has been expressed for 20 years in her written interpretations of scripture from a metaphorical stance. Her published books include: THE SONG OF SONGS AND ENLIGHTEN-MENT: A METAPHYSICAL INTERPRETATION,  WOMEN OF THE BIBLE SPEAK TO WOMEN OF TODAY, REVELATION FOR A NEW AGE: THE BOOK OF REVELATION.