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Questions and Answers on the Science of Mind

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More than 300 solutions to real-life situations from the creator of the Science of Mind philosophy.

Ernest Holmes’s Science of Mind philosophy has reached millions of students, through his books and the hundreds of spiritual centers across the United States and Canada. His main text, The Science of Mind, has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and continues to ship more than 10,000 copies each year.

Now comes a reissue of one of Holmes’s most user-friendly works: Questions and Answers on the Science of Mind. Designed to be used as a guidebook, it contains spiritual answers to more than three hundred of life’s most important and puzzling questions on topics such as:

  • how to deal with specific health challenges;
  • what to do when experiencing a lack of finances;
  • how to eliminate fear, stress, or distress of any kind;
  • the nature of God;
  • the existence of evil;
  • the role of fate;
  • what to do in times of despair or fear;
  • how to overcome resentment;
  • how to break bad habits; and much more.
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DR. ERNEST HOLMES (1887-1960) is known to millions as a great leader and teacher; and to even more as the author of many inspirational books and tapes, such as CREATIVE MIND, THIS THING CALLED LIFE, and THE SCIENCE OF MIND. A teacher, writer, and lecturer; Dr. Holmes founded the Science of Mind philosophy in 1927, and regularly appeared on television and radio. His signature saying, “There is a power greater than you in the universe, and you can use it,” became well known over the years. By taking a clear and simple approach in researching the wisdom of the ages from many disciplines, Ernest Holmes developed a practical, spiritual approach to living an abundant life and created the Science of Mind. Since early 1900’s, the Science of Mind Textbook has been the cornerstone to Religious Science churches and Centers for Spiritual Living around the world.