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ROCK AND WATER: The Power of Thought ~ The Peace of Letting Go

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Scott Cooper

FORMAT: Paperback 220pg

PRINT ISBN 9780875168968, EBOOK ISBN 9780875168975


SUBJECT: Body Mind Spirit / Self-Help Psychology

RELEASE DATE: October 2017

FEATURES: 18 Cognitive and Acceptance-based Skills for Greater Happiness in Everyday Living. An integrated resource for greater happiness, Rock and Water will keep you moving peacefully through the unpredictable ups and downs of life.

COVR Winner – Book of the Year

Just as a stream peacefully wanders through the natural world, over, around, or between rocks, Rock and Water provides skills to help you more effectively navigate the obstacles of life. Author Scott Cooper introduces 18 basic skills for enhancing and sustaining happiness that will uphold and carry inner peace and happiness from one day to the next — skills that are based on Scott Cooper’s research in the fields of cognitive psychology and mindfulness/acceptance.

Cognitive psychology is grounded in the reality that our happiness is strongly influenced by our thinking. It’s not so much a situation that brings unhappiness, but rather our perception of a situation. Mindfulness/acceptance practice is grounded in applying more nonreactive acceptance to daily challenges. Often, cognitive-behavioral psychology and mindfulness/acceptance practice are treated separately and in isolation. Rock and Water provides these concepts in a complementary form applying two simple metaphors from nature: ROCK, the strong personal platform that reasonable thinking and sensible beliefs can provide; WATER, the peace that can come to our lives by learning to let go of things we can’t easily change or that don’t matter.

In this new book, Rock and Water maintains the strong point of view that happiness is not enhanced by more “talk” about happiness, but by applying these conscious “hands-on” techniques that help you to cope with the inner sources of unhappiness —the pesky unpleasant thoughts and feelings that can come to us even if our lives are going well on the outside.

REVIEWS, Dave Schultz: “Rock and Water is a book meant to help readers better manage their thoughts and worries in order to enjoy a less stressful life and achieve greater happiness. According to the author Scott Cooper, our pursuit of happiness is often derailed by our reaction to events and how we think about them, as well as our inability to let go of things that we cannot control or that aren’t really important to us . . . While other books may be based more on science or research, the practical advice provided by Scott Cooper is useful and easy to grasp. The book flows easily and can be read in small doses or longer stretches. Rock and Water is a worthwhile book.”


SCOTT COOPER is a national youth advocate and writer, with special focus on coping skills for young people. His previous books include the award-winning Speak Up and Get Along (Free Spirit Press, 2005) and Sticks and Stones (Random House/Crown, 2000). He is also a COO in private industry and was previously a consultant to companies in the environmental planning and design industries. He has been an active student in the realms of philosophy, human well-being, and science and lives in northern California.