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Sacred Vision Oracle Card Deck

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Lynn Andrews and Robert Taylor


Box of 29 Cards and 128pg Guidebook

ISBN 9781582706498

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Throughout time and across cultures, shamanic wisdom has been revered as a wellspring of power and guidance. The word shaman actually means “one who sees in the dark.” Now, bestselling author and shaman Lynn V. Andrews and celebrated Native American artist Robert Taylor have collaborated to create Sacred Vision Oracle Cards, bringing you the ancient wisdom of shamanic tradition.

Combining striking imagery with insightful text, each card features a prayer to guide you on your quest for inner peace and harmony. The cards help you tap into your inner shaman to see through the darkness in your life and become the best version of yourself.

The cards offer clarity amidst the murkiness of our reactions and emotions. So often, we don’t trust our very powerful intuition simply because we aren’t familiar with how to use it. This deck will help you assess your life or a certain situation more clearly, resolving any indecision you may be feeling and awakening your natural intuitive gifts.

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Lynn Andrews has studied with shamanic women on four continents for more than thirty years. She shares her ancient teachings in more than twenty books, including the Medicine Woman series, which includes New York Times bestsellers Medicine Woman and Jaguar Woman. Her books have been translated into fourteen languages and she speaks at conferences throughout the world.

Robert Taylor’s philosophy of art is a synthesis of the wisest teachings of the various cultures of his Blackfeet, Cherokee Crow, Osage, Scottish, and Black Dutch ancestors. He manipulates proportion, plays with distortion, and uses symbolism that gives his paintings an almost dreamlike quality. His art has been exhibited at museums and galleries throughout the United States, including the Cherokee National Museum, the Trail of Tears State Park Gallery, the Red Earth Festival, and the Smithsonian Institute.