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Sex – True or False?

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The Pleasures, Perils and Passion of Sexual Intimacy
Michelle Rios Rice

Paperback 160p | June 2003
Subject: Body Mind Spirit / Sexuality

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We now live in a world where each generation perceives sex in vastly different ways. To some it’s a sport, to others a form of entertainment, a marketing strategy, a personal expression of love, a sacred bond, the biological means to procreate, a tool to manipulate, or just “the thing to do.” With such a wide range of views, is anyone taking a moment to ask, “What’s love got to do with it?” Authors Michelle Rios Rice and R. Kevin Hennelly have asked themselves and their clients this question repeatedly and found that they all believe in order to reach our highest sense of wholeness, the insightful reply must always be: Everything!

Your instinct tells you it’s there, perhaps waiting behind a closed door. But before you open that door, answer this question: Is “YOUR” sex true or false?

SEX: TRUE OR FALSE? looks at the intimate beauty and joy of sexual union along with the consequences of sex outside of love. By contrasting these two extremes, it illustrates how casual sex without love distracts us from nourishing our deep-seated emotional and spiritual needs by merely satisfying the body with a quick fix of immediate pleasure. To avoid the obstacles that lure people to a quick fix, the Hennellys provide sensitive guidance and first-hand examples of how love-centered sex can lead to a fulfilling life of enhanced wholeness, allowing you to reach heightened sexual levels that now flow from an emotional and spiritual threshold centered in love.

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