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The Ageless Wisdom Teaching

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Benjamin Creme

Paperback 76pg

ISBN 9789071484131

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This book presents an introduction to that great body of wisdom which substands the spiritual teachings of all groups throughout the ages.

Only by discovering the common well-spring from which all their faiths have emerged, will men and women truly come to understand their spiritual brotherhood, as children of the One Father — by whatever name they call Him.

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British artist Benjamin Creme (1922-2016) was a disciple of one of the Masters, with Whom he was in close telepathic contact. From the launching in 1982 of Share International, the magazine of which Benjamin Creme was founding editor, his Master contributed a series of inspiring articles on a wide range of subjects: The Brotherhood of Man, The ending of war, Unity in diversity, Saving the planet, Man’s divinity, The cities of tomorrow, Evolution versus creationism, The curse of commercialization, The path of co-operation, Overcoming the fear of change — and many more.