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The Law and the Word

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Thomas Troward

Paperback 208pg | Sep 2007 Reissue
Subject: New Thought / Religious Science

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“If I were asked what, in my opinion, distinguishes the thought of the present day from that of a previous generation, I should feel inclined to say, it is the fact that people are beginning to realize that Thought is a power in itself, one of the great forces of the Universe, and ultimately the greatest of forces, directing all the others.

The idea is true. Thought is the great power of the Universe. But to make it practically available we must know something of the principles by which it works—that it is not a mere vaporous indefinable influence floating around and subject to no known laws, but that on the contrary, it follows laws as uncompromising as those of mathematics, while at the same time allowing unlimited freedom to the individual.”

– Taken from “The Law And The Word” written by Thomas Troward

“Troward’s most lucid and accessible attempt at explaining the roots of his convictions.” – NAPRA REVIEW

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Thomas TrowardThomas Troward
THOMAS TROWARD is best remembered as a pioneer of the New Thought movement from his contribution of a few small volumes that have had a profound effect on the understanding and development of spiritual metaphysics. His philosophy played a major role in the work of prominent New Thought teachers such as Emmet Fox and Ernest Holmes.