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White Eagle

Publisher:  White Eagle Publishing Trust

Released: 1-Aug-2001

ISBN13: 9780854872381


9780854872381The question of whether there is to be a new world teacher for the Aquarian Age, and who he or she will be, has fascinated men and women for years. Will the teacher manifest as a human? Will he or she be a teacher to be found in our own hearts? What will be the message of the new teacher? Questions abound.

In this fascinating book, which will open the heart and mind in the same tradition of bestseller THE QUIET MIND, White Eagle not only seeks to answer these questions but to take our understanding further. He speaks of the Light, which can shine through any human vehicle, and how it is brought to humanity by direct command from the ageless brother – sisterhood of life. He also talks about developing intuition – changing within – and why we can watch changes in the world and the planet with true faith and calmness, knowing through inner assurance the absolute wisdom of the plan.

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WhiteaglelogoWhite Eagle is the spirit guide of Grace Cooke