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The Little Book on Forgiving

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A Surrender in 7 Steps toward Peace and Freedom
Rick Kitzman

Paperback 112pg | June 1998

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We’ve been hearing for some time now that there is probably no greater therapy than forgiveness, but yet, the actual act of forgiveness seems difficult, even stressful, for reasons that are unclear.

In this 7-step process, you will learn forgiveness by understanding how surrendering to issues, resistance, and desires, will allow you to probe the deeper levels of experience. From this, a thought-structure emerges with a new awareness about choice, and whether you choose to forgive and heal – or not to forgive.

Does surrendering mean to give up at the expense of the personality, or to lose? Quite the contrary. Surrendering here revolves around a paradox: the more of the self one surrenders to a Higher Power, the more of the self one receives – revelation, evolvement, demonstration. By surrendering, an individual wins.

“When you follow this guidance, you’ll discover a new LIFE at work within you and embody a consciousness of Oneness.” – SCIENCE OF MIND MAGAZINE

“THE LITTLE BOOK ON FORGIVING is an invaluable contribution to personal and professional self-help counseling and recovery collections.” – THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW


“In the summer of 1981, for the first time I heard about a rare disease, and a year later, I contracted hiv (sic). The transition of twelve best friends – over a hundred years of combined friendship – put me in depression for ten years. During another summer’s evening, this time in 1996, I attended a talk about forgiving which began the spiritual and effortless writing and publication of my book. When Spirit says, ‘Get busy!’ I’ve learned to listen.

“With the help of facilitators, an organization called THE EXPERIENCE, and SCIENCE OF MIND principles, I’ve found incredible levels of love, peace, and freedom, and know life doesn’t have to be so awful. Though I’ve written about a tough topic, my issues – primarily around self-forgiving – continue to challenge me. No matter a reader’s issue, forgiving heals, and I believe when one person heals, the world heals. My book represents my effort to be of service to anyone called to investigate living a happier life.”

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Rick KitzmanRick Kitzman , born in a small farming town in Colorado, Mr. Kitzman still lives in his native state. He majored in communications in college, pursued a profession in human resources, and lived as an actor in New York. He became a licensed Religious Science Practitioner in 2000 as a member of the Mile Hi Church in Denver. Mr. Kitzman is currently a computer instructor. He has published a record review column, short stories, and is working on a full-length, spiritual play partly in Spanish.