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The Millionaires of Genesis

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The Millionaires of the Bible Series Volume 1
Catherine Ponder

Paperback 240pg

ISBN: 9780875162157

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From America’s leading Prosperity author, Catherine Ponder uncovers the prosperity secrets of the ancients.

Someone once wrote to Catherine Ponder saying, “I have figured out an easy way to become a millionaire. Please pray that one million people will send me one dollar each.” People often think as did this person: That wealth can come to them only when other people and conditions respond to them. However, the secret of wealth is that it begins within your own thoughts and feelings. Through the deliberate ac­tion of your mind, you can develop a millionaire conscious­ness that will lead you to literal wealth as well as to increased abundance in all phases of your life.

It is appropriate that the original millionaires of Genesis show you how this can be done because the word “Genesis” means “to begin,” “to initiate action,” “to take the first step” or “to get something going.” Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph became literal million­aires through deliberate use of the power of prosperous think­ing. As they passed on their prosperity secrets to succeeding generations, the Hebrews became one of the wealthiest groups of people the world has ever known. Their success philosophy was not new. It was known and taught secretly in ancient times. Abraham learned it from the affluent Babylonians. He passed it on to his descendants. Later this success philosophy was reportedly taught for several centuries in the famous School of Philosophy in Alexandria.

THE MILLIONAIRES OF GENESIS points out to you the prosperity secrets which the ancient millionaires used in the secret-success-symbology that cloaked the metaphysical mysticism of the Bible. In this en­lightened Age, the world is again ready to know and use this age-old prosperity teaching so long guarded and offered only to the supposedly “illumined” few.


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Catherine Ponder is considered one of America’s foremost inspirational authors. She has written more than a dozen books, which includes her bestselling classic, THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PROSPERITY (DeVorss Publications, 1962). She is a minister of the nondenominational Unity faith – long known as “the pioneer of positive thinking” – and has been described by some as “the Norman Vincent Peale among women ministers.” She has served in Unity Churches since 1956 and heads a global ministry in Palm Desert, California.