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The Prayer that God Prays

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Jim Rosemergy
Paperback: 80pg 4-1/2 x 5” | April 2004
Subject: Body Mind Spirit / Prayer & Spirituality


Prayer can be practiced in a variety of forms and styles. Each one a reflection of personal preference whether it was learned in childhood, a habit formed by culture and tradition, or an individual mannerism that reinforces a belief and perception of divine communication. Regardless of the technique, the one aspect of prayer that most people have in common is that they send their message outward to a spiritual deity. To consider the dynamics of prayer any other way might seem inconceivable.

Prominent Unity author, Jim Rosemergy believes it’s time to consider the possibility that perhaps God is actually praying to us, and through us. By turning the table and listening during prayer, it quite possibly could be a time to discover and learn the real meaning of our purpose and relationship with God. Much like the water pump needs the unseen wind to drive the windmill, God’s prayer reaches deep within and draws the truth to the surface.

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Jim RosemergyJIM ROSEMERGY has served as Executive Vice President of the Unity School of Christianity, and is an ordained Unity Minister. Jim’s purpose is to assist humankind in its discovery of the new spirituality. For over ten years, through the study of mystical works, prayer and meditation, he has explored the spiritual path which lies before us. He is the author of nine books on spiritual living, including, A Closer Walk With God (Acropolis Books), Daily Guide to Spiritual Living (Unity Books), and co-author of New Thought for a New Millennium (Unity, a One Spirit Book Club selection).